Delivery Information

Our online store "Changeable Files" offers several delivery options:

1. Courier delivery

You can order the delivery of goods by courier, which will arrive at the specified address on weekdays and Saturdays from 10.00 to 23.00.

The cost of courier delivery is 300 rubles (within the Moscow Ring Road, Ring Road). (ATTENTION! Customer’s courier waiting time is no more than 15 minutes) Delivery outside the Ring Road, Ring Road - 300 rubles + 50 rubles for every 5 km. (but not more than 40 km).

Delivery time 1-2 days, subject to availability of goods in stock.

The minimum order in our store is 1 ruble :-) In the comments to the order, specify the time range of delivery (at least 3 hours), the color of the product (if necessary).

Delivery to business centers, hotels, hotels, etc. - delivery is carried out only to the checkpoint, reception. Waiting time for you by courier is not more than 15 minutes. This is the regulation of all courier companies.

2. Self-pickup from the points of issuing orders CDEC.

When the order arrives in your city, you will receive a notification via SMS and Viber. You just go to this store, contact the employee in the cashier area and call the order number. A friend or relative who knows the number and name of the person who issued it can pick up the purchase.

Our own point of issue orders in the shopping center Dubrovka - pickup for free! The shelf life of your order for PVZ - 5 days. After that, the order will be canceled (in case of not collecting the order). We draw your attention to the need to check the goods upon receipt at the point of issue. After receiving the order and leaving your signature in the document of the seller or authorized person of the seller (courier), claims regarding the quantity, completeness and type of the Goods are not accepted!